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Hard drives, cloud storage, the dreaded “Downloads” folder — so many files, some important, but most are not. Let’s look at a simple, open source, & straightforward tool to make a secure folder. Bonus — the file formatting makes it super easy to upload to your preferred cloud storage.

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Sounds hard, why should I be bothered?

Personal privacy is a serious issue, hackers, snoopers, nosey neighbour, malicious work colleagues, even that crazy ex-boyfriend/girlfriend you think is looking through your computer.

Having a simple drop folder, that you can port across to any computer, any time, using a very simple, free tool, can be hugely valuable. …

Look at how full my calendar is, look how productive I am because I have no time or flexibility between calendar notifications!

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Not my calendar now, but I’ve been there (worse).

STOP! Look at how much flexibility you have in your life to do things that might really matter NOW.

There was a great blog written by a great man, you might know Marc Andreessen, he only had a major part in changing the internet as we know it today and one of the MOST famous VC funds known as a16z (also a great Podcast). He is an idol of mine, and in my Todoist, I have a recurring event to sit down and read his blog, dated June 7th, 2007. …

Below is a quick rationale of why we need to take these steps, followed by the first 8 steps you can take to take your privacy back for good!

TL;DR at the end :)

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Nothing to hide, Nothing to fear.

One of the biggest lies we hear every day: Why should you hide personal information, pictures, messages, thoughts, ideas, unless you have something to hide? I have just finished reading Permanent Record, By Edward Snowden. And I came out thinking (scared) of all my personal information out there, stored somewhere on a company server. Pictures, notes, messages, messages to crushes, and more — possibly unencrypted, open for exploitation, or worse.

The Domain Name System (DNS) is like the phonebook of the Internet. Computers on a network need IPs (AKA addresses of the server’s hosting the website or app). It would be hard for people to remember to type: every time they wanted to visit Google.com. DNS is here so domain names (like my domain www.sharkey.io) can be used instead.

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@wanaktek via Twenty20

Storing your data is easy. Protecting it is hard. Our personal information, photos, documents, banking information, and more is being stored by third-parties and we are giving up control for convenience.

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When a hacker gets into my drive. Purchased from twenty20

We all have a choice of which provider we want to use to store our information: Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, iCloud, Box, etc. We can access our data anywhere, anytime, and its awesome. They have great apps, and you can selectively sync on your desktop or phone, not having to worry about storage space.

That’s all good but I want to store my data and sleep sound that nobody can access it, service provider, government, hacker, that crazy ex we all have who is totally trying to guess my password right now. This seems daunting but there have been some amazing developers who have created some open source tools to be able to manage this and not have to pay enterprise prices, for enterprise encryption. …

Every day we jump from cloud to cloud and to me, it seems normal to have several cloud storage providers, an external drive, as well as some random files and folders on your desktop/laptop.

My work account has 120GB on GDrive, I have a 1TB Dropbox, a 4TB MEGA, and I own a domain email hosted on GSuite with over 800GB+ of files. That's a total of ~6TB across 4 platforms.

I need to come to term that I am a cloud storage addict.

One of the steps I have taken in getting my life online under control is to automate as much as I can. Moving files, syncing folders, updating versions, these are all tedious tasks much better suited to a computer program. …



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